Welcome to Polymer-Wood Technologies, Inc.
At Polymer-Wood, state-of-the-art manufacturing systems, automated lines, and innovative approaches to manufacturing fire-rated cores for commercial interior doors means you are doing business with the most modern, efficient and cost-effective core manufacturer in the industry.


From its plant in Breckenridge, Texas, Polymer-Wood manufactures fire-rated cores available with fire ratings from 20 minutes to 90 minutes.

Our fire-rated commercial cores represent a revolution in the industry. At Polymer-Wood we focus on efficiency, automation and safety, which means:
 lower prices  more options
 faster turnaround  customized sizes
Industry Leadership

Evan R. Daniels, President and CEO of Polymer-Wood Technologies, developed the processes for high-speed manufacturing of priming and powder coating on medium density fiberboard (MDF) and developed most of the intellectual property associated with the process. These patents form the foundation for the processes involving powder coating on MDF currently utilized in the cabinet industry . . .
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In the news . . .

Polymer-Wood Technologies has gained the support of Lamar, Missouri City Officials, validating CEO Evan R. Daniels' business track reord.

The City of Lamar has been actively engaged with Evan Daniels and other Polymer-Wood executives since 2009 to locate the company's new manufacturing headquarters in Lamar, a move that could result in the creation of up to 295 direct and 165 indirect jobs across the local area . . . read more>>